2013/2014 Florida Citrus and Georgia Pecan Season

Update: Friday 2/14 ??? 7 am The 2013-14 season has now come to an early end, due to cold weather and lack of oranges!

Our citrus season is now concluded. If you did not receive an email announcement from us, or had not been checking our website as recommended in our schedule, then sadly, we must tell you that our season has now come to an end before we could complete our schedule. Unfortunately, our season ended a little prematurely since we could not receive more fruit from Florida. Losses due to "greening" disease had been greater than expected meaning that the supply that was available was used up faster than expected. Our apologies for the premature end to our season but circumstances required this action. This may have been the last opportunity to enjoy H & S Citrus as the future of Florida citrus is unknown. We certainly thank you for your patronage, your understanding and your kind words of support.

To learn what "greening" disease is and how extensive it has become, we have included a number of links to various sites that will explain further (at the bottom of this page) , but at the very least, please look at this site for a very good overview of the situation. http://www.saveourcitrus.org

Although we have no more fruit, we do still have pecans available for a limited time, so if you would like to order pecans, then you may phone in an order, weekday afternoons from 12-4 pm, at 1-888-4RFruit or 920-699-5367.

During each season, the best, fastest, and most efficient way to keep customers informed of what is happening is with our website and Facebook page. Normally, everything goes smoothly and there is nothing to report, but when situations arise, we update this website as well as our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is the best way to find out UP TO THE MINUTE changes, as our drivers can post directly from the truck. If necessary, we will send an email. We encourage you to subscribe an email address, as well as check for late-breaking news, so that you can be aware of any changing circumstances.

Regarding mailed, paper schedules, you may be added to our mailing list or update your mailing address information, simply choose Mailing List. New additions will receive FUTURE schedules. Please note, we continue to mail schedules to you until there has not been any activity for 3 years, which is either returning the section of your schedule with your name on it to the truck or by paying by check. If you no longer receive a schedule, please resubmit your mailing information and we will be happy to send you a schedule again. You may add/subscribe or remove/unsubscribe email addresses there, too.

We thank you for your interest in our products. We enjoy bringing them to you when they are available. Thank you, again, for your continued support in bringing you quality fruit.

Greening Disease info: