Florida Marsh Ruby Grapefruit

Available: December-March
Price: $27.00 (All locations - 2017/18)

2/5 bushel box, approx. 18-20 lb

Count: 12, 15, 18, 20
(count indicates size, fewer in a box means larger fruit)

The finest grapefruit in the world come from the Indian River area of Florida. The climate and fertile soil is uniquely suited to growing grapefruit with the distinctive delicate, complex flavors found only in Florida. Ours are so sweet that many have as much sugar content as an orange.

The refreshing sweet & tart taste of this seedless all-season citrus is matched only by the vitamins tucked away under its rosy skin. As healthy as it is delicious, it's a wonder for the waistline. Start your day healthy with half a grapefruit for breakfast each morning.