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Michigan Blueberries

Available: Starting July 3, offered through August 10th if available (2013 season)
WI/MN Price (2013): $17.00
IL/IA/MI Price (2013): $17.50
Packaging: 5 lb. box

Blueberries are a favorite fruit, loved for their sweet-tart taste, their spicy aroma and their unique indigo blue color. The good news is that we now love blueberries for our health as well as their taste.

They are a tasty summer time fruit with a lot of resourceful benefits. Blueberries can be eaten raw or in various ways such as in cakes, desserts, muffins and yogurt. When dried out, they taste fantastic in soups and stews. They also can be packed down into a powder as an essence which is ideal for flavoring curries.

You can freeze fresh blueberries. Do not wash them, but put them straight on a cookie sheet straight into the freezer. Once frozen, you can put them in a plastic freezer bag. You don't need to defrost blueberries to use them in baking, but it's best to thaw slowly in the refrigerator and drain well if you are using them uncooked.

Blueberries are rich in Vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene as well as rich in the minerals potassium, manganese, magnesium. They are very high in fiber and low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. But this is just the tip of the nutritional iceberg, for recent studies tell us that of all fresh fruits and vegetables, blueberries provide the most health-protecting antioxidants, those valuable elements which prevent cancer-causing cell damage and may limit the changes wrought by age related diseases.

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