Peach growing process - from start to finish.

Late January: Pruning

Before After

Early March: Bloom Set

The peach blossoms are very sensitive to cold. A late frost at this point could severely harm the peach crop.
We always keep our fingers crossed for warm weather in Georgia at this time of year!

Early April: Thinning

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It is critical that you reduce the load of peaches on a tree. The sheer weight of that many peaches will split the tree. The size of the peach increases drastically as you thin it out. This is ALL done by hand.

June & July: Harvesting

June & July: Packing

Step 1: Dump Step 2: Wash

Step 3: Grade Step 4: Box

June & July: Shipping & Distribution

Tree-Ripened Georgia peaches – direct from the truck, at a location near you!