2016/17 Florida Citrus & Georgia Pecan Season

Shipping Update 3/5: Our home shipping of citrus has ended for the 2016/17 season. Georgia pecans may still be ordered, regular shipping and handling charges apply.

All of our citrus is delivered in 2/5 bushel boxes, approximately 18-20 pounds. Your choice of size refers to the size of the fruit. Citrus is sold by count, with fewer pieces in a box meaning larger fruit. All pecans are delivered in a 1 pound bag. Freezing temperatures at time of delivery may delay shipment. All shipping inquiries may be directed to info@tree-ripe.com. Please see below for a detailed explanation of shipping prices.


Temple oranges

This amazing cross between tangerines and oranges is regarded by many citrus lovers to be the most flavorful variety of the season. The taste of these oranges combines sweet and tart to create a uniquely delicious flavor. Being easy to peel and segment, they are ideal for snacks and lunchboxes. While Temple oranges do have seeds, they are easily removed. Don't miss out on arguably Florida's finest orange!

TreeRipeCitrusmedium (4 of 16).jpg

Ruby Red Grapefruit

The finest grapefruit in the world come from the Indian River area of Florida. The unique climate and soil create grapefruit with the distinctive delicate, complex flavors found only in Florida. Ours are so sweet that many have as much sugar content as an orange!


Georgia pecans

There's no comparison to 'new crop', or freshly harvested, Georgia pecans. Raw and unsalted, these buttery pecans are simply amazing! Great for baking, turning into turtles, or just snacking on.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 09.03.34.png

Knit Hat

Stay warm this winter with our sweet knit hat! Beautifully embroidered, and in limited supply. Hurry before they're gone!

temple oranges


We work with a regional shipping company, Spee-Dee Delivery, in order to keep delivery charges as low as possible. If you live within the Spee-Dee Delivery area, you will be able to select "Spee-Dee" as your shipping option at checkout. In this area, shipping costs are $9 for the first box of citrus and $4 for each additional box. Pecans only are $6 for any amount. Apparel and pecans can be added to any order of citrus for no additional shipping and handling cost!

Spee-Dee Delivery shipping area:

• Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin
• Michigan - U.P. (select U.P. cities only - Kingsford, Ironwood, Iron Mountain, Menominee & Quinnesec)
• Missouri (zips starting with 630, 631, and 633 only)
• Nebraska (zips starting with 680-681, 683-687 only)
• North Dakota (zips starting with 580-582 and select cities only)
• South Dakota (zips starting with 570-574 only)

All orders shipping outside of the Spee-Dee Delivery area will be shipped via FedEX. The shipping cost will be based on the weight of your purchase, as well as your location. You will be given a real time estimate of your shipping costs at the time of purchase.

Orders are generally shipped Monday through Wednesday to allow for delivery before the weekend, but weather conditions could be a factor. Expected temperatures below 30F on day of delivery could delay shipment. For best results, we encourage shipping to an address where someone can accept delivery, like a neighbor, a relative, or even your workplace! Please note, if a size you ordered is unavailable we will ship the next closest size unless instructed differently.

We expect Honeybells to begin shipping beginning the week of January 9th. We will take orders for Temple oranges once again this season. We will more details on the Temple orange crop soon, and we will update as soon as we know more!

Thanks for your interest in home delivery! If you have a question not answered on our website, please call 888-TREE-RIPE (873-3747).