Florida Temple Oranges

Available: February-March
Price: $27.00 (All locations - 2017/18)

2/5 bushel box, approx. 18-20 lb

Count: 28, 32, 36, 40, 44
(count indicates size, fewer pieces in a box means larger fruit)

This amazing cross between tangerines and oranges is regarded by many citrus connoisseurs to be the most flavorful variety of the season. The taste of these oranges combines sweet and tart to create a uniquely delicious flavor. Those who love both tangerines and oranges will appreciate this combination of flavors. Those who find tangerines or oranges too sweet or tart will often prefer Temple oranges as a cross between the two flavors.

The peels are effortless to remove as they are loose, similar to a tangerine skin. This makes them ideal for snacks as they are easy to peel and segment. While Temple oranges do have seeds, they are easily removed. The high juice content makes them a great choice for snacks or juicing, as well as jams and jellies.