How has Tree-Ripe Fruit Co. handled Covid safety?

For home delivery and at our Peach Stops safety is our number one priority and we will continue to follow all CDC guidelines to ensure our customers, staff, fruit growers and shipping facilities stay safe. During Covid, at all of our fruit packing facilities all staff was required to wear masks and gloves. At all of our Peach Stop events, the following guidelines were implemented: Wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and encouraging using card or mobile pay instead of cash and check.

Where is Tree-Ripe fruit grown?

Our fruit is grown wherever the best version of that fruit is grown. We seek out the best farms growing the best fruit and bring their best crops directly to our customers. Our fruit is grown all over the country, from as far east as the Indian River coast in Florida to the foothills of Mount Hood in Oregon, and everywhere in between.

Can’t I get the same quality fruit in a grocery store?

Our approach to quality and delivery speed is something no grocery store can offer, which is why our fruit tastes better. We let our fruit ripen on the tree for days or weeks longer than grocery stores do so it can develop it’s full flavor the way it’s suppose to. Because we’re able to deliver to our customers within days of harvest, we never have to put fruit in ‘cold storage,’ which means you get the freshest tasting fruit possible!

How do I get Tree-Ripe fruit?

All year long, we deliver our fruit while it’s in its peak season to the continental U.S. directly to your doorstep. During Georgia peach season (June-August) we host events in towns across the Midwest to get our fresh peaches and blueberries directly to customers from off our truck.

Is your fruit Non-GMO or organic?

Our fruit is non-GMO and is only minimally treated to protect crops. Our farms work very hard to exceed the standards for safe application of any pesticides and only do it as a last resort. Many of our farms practice integrated pest management (IPM), which takes a proactive approach that relies on common sense and environmentally-sensitive pest management practices.

We spend a great deal of time and research in selecting the farms that we work with, making sure that we can find the right partner that not only produces great tasting fruit but who cultivates sustainable practices for their land and team members.

Why does my box of fruit does not seem full?

It may not seem full, but we do this on purpose to protect the fruit while it’s transported to you. We guarantee you are getting the amount of fruit you paid for, even if it does seem like it. If you have any concerns about how much fruit you received, please let us know.

What type of peaches do you sell?

Over the course of our peach season (June-August) we bring many different varieties of Georgia peaches from Pearson Farm. Each variety harvests for roughly a week, so each time you purchase you’ll most likely be trying a different variety. However, they are all freestone varieties with a yellow flesh.

How do you sell your fruit?

Nearly all of our fruit, nuts and honey is sold online for home delivery during the fruit’s peak season. All details regarding what is available to purchase for home delivery can be found in our Shop.

During our summer Georgia peach season, our Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries are also sold at our Peach Stop locations from our truck. Georgia peaches come in a 1/2 bushel case (approx. 25lbs) and Michigan blueberries are sold in a 5lb case.

What are your summer prices?

Peach Stops:  Georgia peaches – $43 (1/2 bushel case, approx. 25lbs), Georgia pecans – $13 (1lb bag), New Mexico pistachios, $13 (1lb bag), Michigan blueberries – $20 (5lb case, when available, usually after July 4)

Pop-up events: Georgia peaches – $10 (4lb bag),Georgia pecans – $13 (1lb bag), New Mexico pistachios, $13 (1lb bag), Michigan blueberries – $20 (5lb case, when available, usually after July 4)

Home Delivery: see our Shop page for products and pricing

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer credit/debit cards or mobile pay at all of our locations.  We will accept checks or cash if you don’t have a credit card.

What is your refund/replacement policy?

We work tirelessly to bring the absolute best fruit possible. If we’ve missed the mark, simply contact us at info@tree-ripe.com, or via phone at 888-TREE-RIPE and we will replace or refund your purchase. All of our fruit is 100% guaranteed!

Truck Delivery Events

Do I need to pre-order fruit before coming to the events?

We do not take pre-orders at this time, just come visit us and get whatever you need!

Do you have a limit on fruit I can buy?

Most often, no. However, in rare situations we have had to limit purchases. There are many variables that can affect our supply of fruit outside our control, but we work tirelessly to do everything possible to make sure we have enough for everyone.

Where are your event locations?

We visit 200+ locations in the Upper Midwest, covering Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, upper Michigan, and Minnesota. We also have pop-up events in the Milwaukee and Madison areas each summer. You can find all of our event details on our Peach Stop page, or our Pop-Up Events page.

What products do you sell at your events?

At our Peach Stops, we sell Georgia peaches, Michigan blueberries, Georgia pecans and New Mexico pistachios.

Fruit Care

Why are my peaches hard?

Firm peaches are normal and the way we intend you to get them. They will just take 1-3 days on your kitchen counter to complete the ripening and softening process. Peaches continue their ripening process after they have been picked from the tree and we make sure they are firm when you get them so they don’t bruise or get damaged while we ship them to you. We allow our peaches to stay on the tree until the last second before it starts to soften which results in an amazing tasting peach you can’t get anywhere else.

How do I care for my peaches?

Here are a few tips for peach care:

Be careful when caring for your peaches – they bruise very easily! Try to use any bruised or softer fruit first. Our peaches are already washed, but we always recommend a quick rinse.

Let them ripen. Lay them out for 1-3 days on your counter stem-side down without stacking them. The warmer the room temperature is, the quicker they will soften. Peaches are ready to eat when they are soft to the touch and have a strong, peachy aroma.

Do not put your peaches in the refrigerator before they have softened – they can turn mealy. After they have softened on your counter, you can refrigerate them safely for 1-2 weeks to extend their life.

How long do my peaches last after I buy them?

After they soften on your kitchen counter, you can store them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, but many of our customers are able to use them even longer. We always recommend having a plan – make pies and cobbler, share some with friends and family, and preserve some to really make the best of your box!

How long does my fruit last in the freezer?

Frozen peaches can last a year or more. Watch our instructional video Freezing Peaches to learn the best way to extend their life.

Home Delivery

How long does it take to get my fruit?

Our fruit is shipped as soon as it is in stock and typically takes 1-3 days to arrive depending on where you live. When you buy fruit for home delivery, please note the ship date as noted on each product since we often take orders before the fruit has been picked. This process allows us to proved the best fruit possible so you get fruit that’s only days from being picked, sometimes even hours.

Where do you ship to?

We ship our fruit across the continental U.S. Currently, we are unable to ship to Arizona and California due to agricultural regulations. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes to ensure someone is available to accept the fruit.

How is my fruit delivered?

We ship our fruit directly to customers through UPS/FedEX and Spee-Dee Delivery Service depending on your home location. We highly recommend watching for your fruit to be delivered as fresh fruit can be damaged by extreme temperatures. For best results, we encourage shipping to an address where someone can accept delivery, like a neighbor, a relative, or even your workplace.

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