California Meyer Lemons

From a humble grove in Southern California, Árvore De Luz produces organically grown Meyer Lemons, certified fresh from the sunshine state. Lemons are delivered direct from the farm.


The best lemon

A Meyer lemon is a special variety, a regular lemon crossed with a mandarin. Unlike your run-of-the-mill variety, a Meyer lemon is lower in acidity than most lemons, strong in lemony aroma and taste, and boy is it beautiful! Smooth, round, and yolk yellow, this citrus has become sought after in the culinary world and with stay-at-home chefs.

For chefs, or chefs at heart

These are not your everyday lemons. However, you can use Meyers for everything you use lemons for now. Whether you’re cooking savory dishes or making desserts, the unique flavor of this lemon truly shines through.

We made Meyer lemonade and were blown away by how delicious it was. They’re also perfect for making cocktails (think whiskey sours & sidecars). And if you need more ideas, check out this article from the LA Times with 100 ways to use Meyer lemons.

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