Georgia Peaches

The highlight of every summer, our Georgia peaches come from the oldest peach farm in Georgia, Pearson Farm.

Peach Stops: $45 - 1/2 bushel case (approx. 25 lbs)
Home Delivery

Why are these peaches so special?

Unlike the grocery store, our peaches are allowed to tree-ripen, picked by hand and delivered to our customers directly from the farm within hours. We never store our fruit in cold storage, that means you receive peaches that couldn’t be any fresherThe result is the juiciest, sweetest, and freshest Georgia peaches possible! Our sweet Georgia peaches are available every summer from mid-June through early-August at our Peach Stops or shipped directly to your home.

Pearson Farm

Since 1885, Pearson has perfected the art of growing peaches. In fact, a Pearson peach has become synonymous with a Georgia peach! Their sprawling orchards cover 1,400 acres of peach trees, and their care and knowledge comes from 136 years of innovative farming. Nothing beats a Pearson Farm Peach!

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