Georgia Pecans

We work predominantly with the Elliot variety of pecans, a variety known for its beautiful golden brown color and unique creaminess, sweetness, and exceptional flavor.


See the difference

Most pecans available in grocery stores can be brittle, bitter, and old. Very old. We’re talking years old! You can see the difference in the photo between these and our Elliot pecans. Our pecans are usually available to purchase through our Online Store as well as our truck locations.

Add a bit of flavor…

And if that doesn’t satisfy your pecan craving, try visiting our peach/pecan grower’s website There you’ll find some incredibly delicious pecan choices to indulge in. From chocolate covered to praline coated and everything in between, they are a real treat.

Available to order online through Pearson Farms.

In Season Fruit

Oregon Pears


$29 - $53

*October pre-orders are now closed* In our “Winter Mix” of pears you’ll find delicious varieties that are seldom grown in large scale: Taylor’s Gold, Warren, and Comice. And even with varieties you might recognize, you’ll taste the amazing difference when our pears are allowed to mature on the tree and are harvested at their peak.

Wisconsin Honeycrisp Apples


$29 - $53

*October pre-orders are now closed* Nothing tops the sweet tang of a Honeycrisp apple!

New Mexico Pistachios



*October pre-orders are now closed* We were stunned by how delicious these are, as well as their vibrant green avocado-esque color!