Oregon Pears

In our “Winter Mix” of pears you’ll find delicious varieties that are seldom grown in large scale: Taylor’s Gold, Warren, and Comice. And even with varieties you might recognize, you’ll taste the amazing difference when our pears are allowed to mature on the tree and are harvested at their peak.

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More than your average pear

Over the years, we’ve had many requests for pears. However, we typically see only the most common varieties of pears in grocery. In addition, commercially grown pears are normally harvested far too early, in an effort to make pears available year round. What we have found is that the finest pears are grown in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Hood River Valley at the foot of majestic Mt. Hood in Oregon.

Caring for your pears

Pears are a hearty fruit with care instructions somewhat unique compared to other varietal fruits we carry. For example, did you know pears do not ripen fully on the tree? Full maturity happens right before a pear is ripe. This short window for harvesting is key to the pearfect pear!

In Season Fruit

California Meyer Lemons


From a humble grove in Southern California, Árvore De Luz produces organically grown Meyer Lemons, certified fresh from the sunshine state. Lemons are delivered direct from the farm.

Wisconsin Raw Honey


Our honey is 100% raw, unpasteurized, and ungraded. It’s the closest thing you will find to eating directly from the hive.

Georgia Pecans



We work predominantly with the Elliot variety of pecans, a variety known for its beautiful golden brown color and unique creaminess, sweetness, and exceptional flavor.

New Mexico Pistachios



We were stunned by how delicious these are, as well as their vibrant green avocado-esque color!