Wisconsin Raw Honey

Our honey is 100% raw, unpasteurized, and ungraded. It’s the closest thing you will find to eating directly from the hive.


Straight from the hive

Honey is a delicious addition to our already, oh-so sweet products available for home delivery. Try it with our Meyer lemons in an irresistible honey lemonade! Make this summer unforgettable with honey and peach cobbler. The options are endless.

Nature’s sweet reward

Honey never spoils; rather, it crystalizes. Raw honey tends to crystalize quickly. Do not microwave. Gently warmup honey in a pot of warm water.

The sugar that makes honey sweet is fructose. The other sugar is glucose. Both sugars are easily metabolized by the body and act as natural energizers. This sugar content also makes honey the perfect sweetener!

Raw honey contains all the important micronutrients, enzymes, and pollen that is often missing from traditionally processed honey.

You can find honey in many natural cough, cold, and flu remedies.

Coming Soon:

Georgia Peaches


Peach Stops: 2022 price TBD - 1/2 bushel case (approx. 25 lbs)

The highlight of every summer, our Georgia peaches come from the oldest peach farm in Georgia, Pearson Farm.

Michigan Blueberries


Peach and Blueberry Stops: 2022 price TBD - 5lb case

Tucked near the shores of Lake Michigan, our farm Leduc Blueberries produces incomparably delicious berries.

Georgia Pecans


$13 - 1lb bag

We work predominantly with the Elliot variety of pecans, a variety known for its beautiful golden brown color and unique creaminess, sweetness, and exceptional flavor.