Our “Market Truck" is Back!


What is Our “Market Truck”?

  • Our small, mobile store that goes to farmers markets and small venues in select locations

  • Deliver smaller quantities of peaches than our “Big Truck” (see below to find where our “Big Truck” will be).

  • Open to the public!

What is available?

  • Small quantities of peaches (4 lb bags)

  • 5 lb boxes of blueberries available midway through the season (around or after July 4th)

  • Georgia pecans


Georgia peaches: 4lb bag = $10.00

Michigan blueberries: 5lb = $19.00

Georgia pecans: 1lb bag = $12.00

See our locations page if you would rather purchase 25 lb peaches from the “Big Trucks”!

We are always looking for new ways to get our delicious fruit in your hands! We are excited to announce that our “Market Truck” will be returning in 2019, making visits around the Madison and Milwaukee metro areas, and a few, other special venues. Many customers love our peaches, yet some find 25 pounds to be a little daunting. We have you covered! Our “Market Truck” will only be selling peaches in smaller quantities, peck bags (approximately 4 to 4-1/2 pound bags) for $10.

When available, we will also have Georgia pecans on our “Market Truck”!


Find us at these locations!

Visit our location page to find out when our “Big Trucks” visit your area with 25 pound boxes.