Michigan Blueberries

Available: available in July - August

2019 Price (All locations): $19.00

5 lb box


Our blueberries have quickly become a customer favorite. Michigan blueberries are loved for their sweet-tart taste, and their unique indigo blue color. And of course, the good news is that we can love blueberries for our health as well as their taste. They are a tasty summer time fruit that can be eaten raw or in cakes, desserts, muffins and yogurt. Keep them frozen and enjoy year round.


Blueberry Care tips: Check your box for any bruised blueberries. Wash and keep the blueberries refrigerated for longevity.

To freeze: Place washed blueberries on a cookie tray (to prevent clusters) and then freeze. Once frozen, transfer the berries into a plastic freezer bag or container and freeze (it's really that easy! ).


* Prices and availability of fruit are subject to change