News regarding our upcoming 2017 summer season is coming soon, please check back!

Temple oranges, H & S Citrus

2016/17 Florida Citrus & Georgia Pecan Season

We're happy to say we've made it through another winter season! Despite all of the challenges facing growers in Florida, we were able to supply all of our truck routes this past season. 

Citrus season began this year with the reminder that hurricane season can have a very real impact on Florida citrus. We were very relieved that we were able to avoid any negative consequences from Hurricane Matthew. We'll cross our fingers again next year!

Our Navel orange season was once again challenging because of warm temperatures and a lack of colder weather at night. As we progressed deeper into the winter, weather conditions did improve and our Honeybells (Minneola Tangelos) were amazing in January. We were also able to ship Temple oranges this season once again, and we were very happy with the quality and flavor of this tremendous variety. We would love to be able to include them on our truck routes in the future, we'll do our best to accomplish this!

We would like to thank all of our customers who supported us again this winter. And our Florida growers appreciate it too, they are working so hard to keep producing the amazing citrus we've come to love. We look forward to another great citrus season in 2017!

Peaches on the tree

2016 Sweet Georgia Peach & Michigan Blueberry Season

What a beautiful spring we've had in Georgia! We are very excited to be anticipating a bumper crop of sweet Georgia peaches this summer. March and early April are generally a stressful time at the farm, because freezing temperatures can do much damage to fragile peach blossoms. In fact, the 2014 and 2015 seasons saw some freeze damage. You may remember the lack of supply to close our 2015 season. This was due to the March freeze. We don't have those worries this year, however. This season closely resembles the growing season of 2013, which was an exceptional year for peaches. We can't wait for peach season to come!

Of course, we're still waiting to see how the weather affects our Michigan blueberry crop. But the blueberry bushes are loaded with buds, so we're hopeful for a bumper crop of blueberries as well.