2018 Sweet Georgia Peach & Michigan Blueberry Season

Fresh fruit delivered straight from the farm to you...within days of being picked!

Tree-Ripe Citrus Co. was founded in 1990 with the simple idea of bringing fresh, high-quality produce direct from the farm to locations in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. In the summer, that means sweet Georgia peaches and fresh Michigan blueberries within days of being picked! Although we see the term "Tree-Ripe" used often, this really means allowing the fruit to mature completely on the tree. None of our fruit goes into cold storage. And because we bring the fruit directly to you, our farms can grow and harvest their fruit without the thought of picking too early for "shelf life". So you get the sweetest, juiciest fruit possible! If you'd like to find out when we'll be coming, please sign up for our email list below.

Our season usually begins in June and lasts into August, depending on the harvest. We visit pre-arranged locations at scheduled times, parking at well known local businesses like Menards, Farm & Fleet, and many more. You can find us at over 150 locations in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. We sell directly from our trucks on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fruit is available in bulk-sizes to provide customers with enough supply, as well as the best value possible.

We publish a list of visits on our website, in addition to mailing & emailing our customers and posting on Facebook. You can join our mail or email list, visit our website or call us (888-TREE-RIPE) and we’ll be happy to notify you of our visits at the start of each season. If you love fruit, we know you'll love our Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries. We'll see you at the truck!