2019 Georgia Peach and Michigan Blueberry season

*Update*: A summer product list is currently under review. Another update will come soon. Thank you for your patience!

Please see below for a detailed explanation of shipping prices. For more information regarding our winter citrus season, please read our latest blog post!


California Meyer Lemons

$25 per box (approx 9-10lbs)
FREE SHIPPING! Expected ship date 3/25

We’ve got one more surprise this citrus season for you. We’re introducing a special new variety…Meyer lemons! This special variety of lemon is a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange. This means they have a unique flavor and are great to use in all of your cooking, including sweet and savory dishes. We absolutely LOVED these lemons, and we know you will too!


pecans (shelled)

$12 per 1lb bag + shipping and handling

There's no comparison to 'new crop', or freshly harvested, Georgia pecans. Raw and unsalted, these buttery pecans are simply amazing! Great for baking, turning into turtles, or just snacking on.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

$28 per 2/5 bushel box (approx. 20lbs) + shipping and handling

The finest grapefruit in the world come from the Indian River area of Florida. Ours are so sweet that many have as much sugar content as an orange.

This refreshing sweet, tart, and seedless all-season citrus is one of the healthiest fruits around!


Temple Oranges

$28 per 2/5 bushel box + shipping and handling

This amazing cross between tangerines and oranges is regarded by many citrus connoisseurs to be the most flavorful variety of the season. The taste of these oranges combines sweet and tart to create a uniquely delicious flavor.

The peels are effortless to remove as they are loose, similar to a tangerine skin. While Temple oranges do have seeds, they are easily removed. Don’t miss out on this unique and delicious variety!

Honey Tangerines
(W-Murcott Variety)

$10 per 3lb bag + shipping and handling

There is no shipping charge for honey tangerines if added with other citrus on your order.

For many years, Honey Tangerines were a staple of our citrus lineup…and we’re bringing them back! This small and thin skinned tangerine is sometimes seedless, will come in a 3lb bag (roughly 20 pieces of fruit). This special variety of tangerine boasts the highest sugar content of all our citrus varieties!


pecans (In-shell)


$24 per 5lb bag + shipping and handling

There's no comparison to 'new crop', or freshly harvested, Georgia pecans. Raw and in-the-shell, these buttery pecans are simply amazing. Great for gifts, snacking on, and cracking by the fire!

***Select citrus is delivered in 2/5 bushel box, approx. 18-20 lbs. Size choice refers to size of fruit. Citrus is sold by count, with fewer in a box meaning larger fruit. Freezing temperatures at time of delivery may delay shipment. All shipping inquiries may be directed to info@tree-ripe.com.***


We work with a regional shipping company, Spee-Dee Delivery, in order to keep delivery charges as low as possible. If you live within the Spee-Dee Delivery area, you will be able to select "Spee-Dee" as your shipping option at checkout. In this delivery area, shipping costs are $7 per box of citrus. Pecans (shelled) are $7.00 for any amount if only pecans are ordered. However, you can add pecans (shelled) to any order of citrus (excluding Meyer lemons) at no additional shipping charge.

Example of shipping charge within Spee-Dee delivery zone (Citrus AND shelled* pecans) 1 box of citrus and 2 bags of pecans: $39 (citrus) + $24 (pecans) + $7 shipping (no additional shipping charge for pecans added to citrus order) = total of $70
Example of shipping charge within Spee-Dee delivery zone (ONLY shelled* pecans) 5 bags of pecans: $60 (pecans) + $7 shipping = total of $67

*must pay shipping on each bag of in-shell pecans

Spee-Dee Delivery shipping area:

• Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin
• Michigan - U.P. (select U.P. cities only - Kingsford, Ironwood, Iron Mountain, Menominee & Quinnesec)
• Missouri (zips starting with 630, 631, and 633 only)
• Nebraska (zips starting with 680-681, 683-687 only)
• North Dakota (zips starting with 580-582 and select cities only)
• South Dakota (zips starting with 570-574 only)

All orders shipping outside of the Spee-Dee Delivery area will be shipped via FedEX or UPS. The shipping cost will be based on the weight of your purchase, as well as your location. You will be given a real time estimate of your shipping costs at the time of purchase.

Orders are generally shipped Monday through Wednesday to allow for delivery before the weekend, but weather conditions could be a factor. Expected temperatures below 30F on day of delivery could delay shipment. For best results, we encourage shipping to an address where someone can accept delivery, like a neighbor, a relative, or even your workplace! Please note, if a size you ordered is unavailable we will ship the next closest size unless instructed differently.

Thanks for your interest in home delivery! If you have a question not answered on our website, please call 888-TREE-RIPE (873-3747).

A satsuma grove in Statesboro, Georgia, in the grower’s backyard!

A satsuma grove in Statesboro, Georgia, in the grower’s backyard!