Our new blog!

We'd like to welcome you to our new blog! 

Why are we starting a blog, and what will be its purpose? There are a number of reasons. First and foremost, we want to effectively communicate directly with all of you, our customers. From season to season, countless variables affect our farmers. We want to be able to convey these subtleties to you, beyond letting you know if it's a 'good season' or not. 

Our blog will also replace the "News" section of our website, giving you a more complete and timely summary of how our growing seasons are progressing. We know everyone is very excited for our upcoming Georgia peach and Michigan blueberry season. We will be providing an update on our 2017 summer season very soon, we promise!

Yet, there is so much information that we need and want to be able to convey to you, and to convey to everyone even beyond our customer base. We feel that what we do is unique, and it is challenging. There are many facets to our business behind the scenes that most people just do not get to see. 

We feel that we aren't only a retail business where you can pick up amazing fruit and be on your way. We integrate farming and transportation, with retail sales. Hundreds of people make this possible. This is really all for one purpose, which is to give you the absolute freshest and best tasting  product possible.

That being said, we hope that eventually our blog can be about more than just us here at Tree-Ripe Citrus Co. We want it to be about more than just the products we bring, or the people we work with. We want to talk about quality farming, interesting ingredients, the local/regional food community, and what makes food special and unique. Hopefully, we can mix together many different topics and give you something worth investing your time into. We want to research and discuss the things you're interested in, so let us know!

Some of the topics we'll be discussing will be practical.
→ How weather affects farming, and specifically how it affects what we bring
→ How you can effectively take care of your fruit
→ Why do we work with the farms that we work with

We've got great potential for a 4th generation at Tree-Ripe!

We've got great potential for a 4th generation at Tree-Ripe!

We will also be talking about some exciting news as we've had an ownership transition. Don't worry, we're keeping it in the family! We are making a generational transition, and you'll get a deeper look in to how this 3rd and soon to be (hopefully!) 4th generation business got started. You'll get to see our entrepreneurial roots.

We'll cover some fun topics, too. Hopefully we'll uncover some interesting aspects about how stuff is made, and why. And maybe we can connect you to our local food community just a bit more.

Above all else, we want to communicate our love for not just food, but quality food and the quality people behind it. We're excited to see everyone this summer... and we hope you enjoy the blog!