Citrus Season 2018/2019

It’s the season for citrus!

For almost 30 years, we’ve brought our sweet Florida citrus to you, delivering truckload after truckload throughout the Midwest. In recent years, we’ve been able to add home delivery, sharing our citrus with many outside our home territory. But that’s not all that has changed.

In Florida, we’ve had many challenges in the citrus industry, including several hurricanes in recent memory. (For more information regarding the state of Florida citrus, see below). Yet, despite these challenges, we’re still seeing some fantastic fruit being grown, albeit in smaller quantities. This citrus season will be a little different than past years because of reduced supply.

As you might have noticed, we have expanded our fruit selection to meet the rising demand for fresh, quality fruit in areas where they’re hard to come by. Additionally, we’ve found many seasonal varieties that are unique yet burst with flavor and meet our high standards. Our citrus season is no different! While we will be offering familiar favorites like Honeybells and Ruby Red grapefruit once again, our lineup of citrus will vary slightly compared to past years. Stay up to date on our website and Facebook page where we post all the latest info!

Now to kick off the citrus season we are happy to introduce southern grown satsuma oranges!


Simply put, satsumas are a mandarin orange. Grown on the Florida - Georgia line, satsumas have been rapidly growing in popularity. This is because they are the perfect citrus variety; sweet, zesty, and easy to peel and eat! These seedless fruits beat the competition in juiciness and balanced flavor. They pack nicely in school lunches, are beautiful in gift baskets or gifts on their own, and add fantastic flavor to winter meals and desserts.

Our wonderful growers at Florida Georgia Citrus are just as excited as we are to share these beautiful satsumas. As usual, we will have a bulk-pack available; however, unlike many years past, we will not have truck sales this winter (more on that below). This means, starting with satsumas, citrus will be available for home-delivery only. Go to our “Shop” and order yours right away!

What else will we have this winter?

As the season continues, we will be offering other citrus varieties:

  • Ruby Red Grapefruit (December-February) A true, mouth-watering piece of fruit. Healthy and hearty, we’re expecting a wonderful harvest.

  • Honeybells (January) A variety that needs no introduction. Ever tried one? They’ll be gone before you know it, so trust us: you’re going to fall in love!

  • Temples (February) An orange whose flavor is unbeatable. They're the ‘orangiest’ of oranges; you’re going to want more once they’re gone.

No Truck Sales this winter

If you’ve been our customer for any length of time, we know you look forward to seeing our trucks each winter with Florida citrus. This winter, however, we will not be making our normal truck visits. Why? (And don’t worry, we will continue making our visits in the summer with Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries!)

For some time, we have been fighting citrus greening (also known as Huanglongbing or HLB) in Florida. In recent years, the developments have been heart breaking. We’ve lost a staggering amount of trees to this disease. Coupled with unprecedented weather events including hurricanes, we’re seeing supply to be at historic lows.

With that in mind, in order to keep bringing the finest Florida citrus, we had to decide how we can give you citrus that meets our high standards of quality. It led us north of the Indian River where growers are rushing for sustainability by means of state-of-the-art farming techniques that ward off pestilence yet promote healthy, bountiful yields. And by diversifying our citrus lineup, we can focus on quality over quantity, keeping you, our customer happy while supporting these amazing growers who will not give up.

Let’s make this a great season!

Always we thank you for your support and continued feedback as our company grows and evolves. And despite the setbacks mentioned above, we’re confident our efforts and your support will pay off. Please, feel free to share with us your thoughts and ideas here or on Facebook, as we can’t see you at the truck this winter.

What citrus do you look forward to most this year? Is there a particular recipe you make with our pecans or citrus during the season? What memories do you have at our trucks?

As always, we look forward to providing you the best!