Honeybells are finally here!

What a time to enjoy some Florida sunshine!

With winter at its peak, you can now find the bright taste of our famous Honeybells to help get through these frigid January days. If you’ve never had a Honeybell before, you’re in luck! This citrus is a unique blend of zest and sweetness, ranking as the juiciest piece of fruit around. We take a lot of pride in this one-of-a-kind citrus, and we know you’ll enjoy it too.

We’re finding the Honeybell crop to be of excellent quality, even though it’s a smaller harvest. Honeybells will be $35 + shipping for a 2/5 bushel box (approx. 20lbs) and will be available for home delivery. Shipping will begin on January 14th and continue while supplies last. Get you order in now!

Tangerines are back!

And if you’re interested in something else special, we’re reintroducing the Honey Tangerine! Many of our long-time customers will remember this variety, also known as a Murcott. This dynamite tangerine, often seedless, will only be available in January. You’ll find this tangerine has several unique characteristics, including a greenish-tint to its skin and a surprisingly bright, tangerine flavor. It boasts the highest sugar content of all our citrus varieties. And because of their smaller size, they’re perfect for school lunches and light snacks.

With this super-sweet tangerine, they will available in 3lb bags for $10. Grapefruit and shelled pecans will also be available through the rest of the season.

These two, featured power-houses will no doubt satisfy your citrus craving while keeping you and your family healthy as we draw closer to spring. But don’t go too far, as February will bring its own delicious orange variety (our personal favorite!).

Click each picture at the top of the page for a summary of each variety’s unique characteristics and let us know which citrus YOU love the most below! Click here to place your order.