Peach season 2018

Peach season has arrived, and we hope you're as excited as we are!

What a difference a year can make. We’re beyond excited to report that we will have a summer filled with sweet Georgia peaches. While this growing season hasn’t been completely without its challenges, we fared significantly better than last summer.

In 2017 Georgia and South Carolina lost almost their entire peach crop. This was caused by multiple factors, including a devastating freeze as well as a historically warm winter. Over this past winter, we had much colder temperatures and we reached the ideal amount of cold hours.

Going into this summer, we expected a bumper crop. However, we again faced the dangers of freezing temperatures in March. We did lose part of the peach crop, but fortunately, escaped without extensive damage. We are also seeing trees producing somewhat fewer peaches than a normal season as they are recuperating from last year. What that means is Georgia won’t have quite as many peaches as we would in a normal season. Don't worry, though! There will be plenty of peaches for us here in the Midwest.

What can you expect from this season’s crop of Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries?

We’re expecting very sweet peaches this summer! Also, due to not producing much of a crop last summer we anticipate larger sized peaches. We’re also returning to a normal season in terms of our scheduling, with our season beginning on June 20th and lasting until August 12th.

For Michigan Blueberries this summer, it’s going to be a wonderful crop. Our friends at Leduc Blueberries in Paw Paw, Michigan can barely contain their excitement for this year’s blueberry harvest. We’ve had an ideal growing season in Michigan. This is going to be one of the best harvests we’ve had in the last 15 years!

Blueberry blossoms from this season's crop

Please keep in mind that the annual blueberry harvest traditionally begins a little later than Georgia peaches. This means that at most of our locations, our first visit is with peaches only. We will be offering blueberries beginning on or around July 4th, or as soon as they are available. As soon as the blueberries are ready to go, they will be available at all locations. For most customers this is our second and third visits of the summer.

We will offer 5 lb. boxes of Michigan blueberries on our routes for as long as they are available during our season this summer. We’re also happy to let you know that blueberries will remain the same price as last season. We encourage you to visit our Facebook page for all breaking blueberry news.

News and notes

Beginning this season, you can now purchase at the trucks with a credit card! If you do pay by credit card, just make sure you stay on our mailing or email list so you always know when we’ll be visiting! We always recommend staying updated on Facebook, we let everyone know immediately on Facebook if there are any issues with weather concerns, truck breakdowns, or fruit availability.

Make sure to carefully check for any changes to your scheduled stop. Each season we do make minor changes to our schedule. For example, we are not able to visit lower Michigan this summer. We have, however, added 3 new locations (Brillion, Lake Mills, and Pewaukee). We’d also like to thank one of our new partners Shopko, we’ll be visiting 12 Shopko locations this season. Our "Market Truck" will also be visiting select locations, and farmer's markets this summer. For a detailed listed of locations and times, click here.

It's going to be a wonderful summer, filled with Georgia peaches! We can’t wait to bring you the freshest, sweetest, and juiciest peaches and blueberries around...We’ll see you at the truck!