Wisconsin Apples

Like most of our customers, we’re always sad to see the summer end. Knowing that we have to wait an entire year for more peaches and blueberries is tough. And of course, we look forward to the winter citrus season, even if it’s a long way off.

But this summer helped us to appreciate how exciting it is to work with the best fruit and deliver it to our customers. With that in mind, we’re curious to see what other fruits match our standards of quality and provide you with something you’ll love. Therefore, we’re excited to let you know about a number of new fruits we will be trying out this year, and deliver them to your doorstep!

First on that list will be Wisconsin grown apples, and we’ve teamed up with a local grower to make this possible. Similar to our other farms, we’ve been working hard to find an apple grower who is growing some amazing fruit here in Wisconsin. We’re really excited by the quality of the apples, and we think you will be too. Yet, that brings to mind another question…

Why apples?

Wisconsinites look forward to picking apples every autumn, it’s a Fall tradition! We know there is such a difference in the quality of a freshly picked apple and that which has gone into cold storage. In fact, apples that go into the “distribution chain” go through quite a process. Typically apples are picked slightly unripe, treated with chemicals, and kept in frigid warehouses on average for 9-12 months! On the other hand, our apples will be harvested ripe, packed soon after, and sent to you within days.

For many of our customers, when you can’t pick your own, getting freshly harvested apples is a challenge. So we want you to enjoy these sweet, crisp, and fresh apples grown in Wisconsin in your own home.

What kinds of apples will be offered?

This season, we will have two specific varieties: Honeycrisp and Gala. Hopefully, in future seasons

Both varieties have unique characteristics, but are still personal favorites for their sugar content, flavor, and versatility. Why not try both? Hopefully in the future we will have more varieties available.

How can you purchase them?

If you love picking apples (or maybe apple donuts?), have a wonderful time picking. Otherwise, we’ve got you covered with home delivery!

Remember, we are viewing this as a first-time, trial run and there will be no truck locations with apples and our other, new fruits.

If you are unfamiliar with our ‘truck sales’, click here. Or you can go to tree-ripe.com/shop for more information about our apples and place your order.

Yes, summer is ending, but we love Fall and everything apple related. Do you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, including any other fruits you’d like to see us bring. We can’t wait to get you these Wisconsin grown apples!

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