Almost done?!

While we’ve definitely faced our share of challenges in Florida, we have greatly enjoyed getting our wonderful citrus in your hands via home-delivery. Our customers, old and new, have been able to receive the freshest fruit Florida has to offer directly to their own home. This winter has flown by (even with a polar vortex!), and citrus season is almost complete. However, we do have one more variety of oranges to bring you this winter.

Temple Oranges

Almost needing no introduction, Temple oranges are a personal favorite of the staff here at Tree-Ripe. Once known as the most popular variety in Florida, a Temple orange can be very difficult to find in local grocery stores.

Have you ever tried a Temple orange? The flavor is absolutely amazing. We’d go so far as to say it’s the ‘orangiest’ of all oranges. Even with the seeds (as Temples are not naturally seedless) they are fun to eat, easy to juice, easy to peel, and make for a nice finish to the winter season.

Temple oranges are sold in a 2/5 bushel box (approximately 40 pieces, depending on the size of orange) for $28 plus shipping and handling. Head to our online store, where we have additional information on both fruit availability and shipping details. Grapefruit and Georgia pecans will also be available to order.

So, what’s next?

Can’t you just picture summertime already?? Sunshine, lemonade, and… Peaches! Blueberries! Pecans! And so much more.

We know that the last few months for Tree-Ripe have included many changes. We’ve been bringing our fresh Florida citrus for almost 30 years now. Yet, we love all kinds of fruit. And we want to give you more and more options. Want to know what we deliver? Keep an eye on our website, we are constantly updating with new stuff!

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From Tree-Ripe to you…

Thank You So Much.

We can do nothing at all without our customers. Our appreciation goes out to those of you who have been with us since the beginning, to those who just found us, and to everyone in between. We can’t wait to see y’all this summer!

Again, thank you…and see you at the truck!