Peach Season 2019

Peach Season 2019

Drum roll, please!

Welcome to another exciting season of Georgia’s finest peaches, the most delicious Michigan blueberries, and New Crop Georgia pecans!

Our sweet Georgia peaches have had a wonderful winter. The trees had enough time to regain their vitality and we dodged a major spring freeze in March. Astonishingly, we’re looking at nearly a full crop of Georgia peaches! This will be the first time in several years that we have had ideal growing conditions, and our friends at Pearson Farm are ecstatic for the 2019 peach season!

In the midwest, we were challenged by a polar vortex that brought ruinous, sub-zero temperatures. Thankfully, we expect to have a full blueberry crop! (Insert sigh of relief.) Our blueberries have developed quite a large following, because they’re amazing, so keep an eye on Facebook for availability.

Keep in mind that the annual blueberry harvest begins later than our Georgia peach harvest. A rule of thumb is July 4th, but this varies season-to-season. As soon as the blueberries are ready to go, they will be available at all locations. For most customers this is our second visit of the summer.

Other Changes

A new format to our mailable schedule

Our ‘mailable flyer’ has been a key way of getting our customers out to our mobile store. As we have grown, our mailer increased in size, eventually becoming a little difficult to read. The new booklet form was designed specifically to find each location easily and convey important information simply. We’re really excited about the new format, and we hope you are too!

See our ‘flyer’ online (Click here)

You can also request one by joining our mailing list. (Click here, too)

Additional locations in Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa

Recently we broadened our horizons and are visiting new locations in Minnesota and Illinois, and one more in Iowa. This includes several stops in the Twin Cities, Western Illinois, and Clinton, IA. Check and see if you’re close to us on our ‘Location’ page!

New Home-Delivery options of peaches!

Oh man! This is the event of a lifetime! Peaches. Right on your front porch. You’ll see what is available on our online store. These peaches are picked specifically for gifts, and you will receive them within days of being picked. Go see them for yourselves at our ‘Online Store’! And we will still have our 25 pound boxes at all truck locations, so you can get your peach fix in even more ways this summer.

What other delicious gifts can you find from our friends at Pearson Farm? Check out all the delicious goodies they have!

A change to our name

Now this may take a little more explanation as we go. Over the years, we’ve developed into much more than a ‘citrus’ company. This summer, we will be changing the ‘citrus’ in our name and replacing it with ‘fruit’. Stay tuned for more information soon. Starting right after this peach season, we will also be doing a little renovating of our website and showing off our new logos a bit more.

Don’t worry: we’re still the Tree-Ripe you know and love ❤️

More fruit to come

Have you seen some of the new fruits we’ve added? Have you tried them yet? We can’t stress this enough: Every fruit we bring we try to source from the best growers. Our website is full of praise for our wonderful growers like the Pearson and Leduc families, farmers that are truly extraordinary at their craft. You can find further information on our expanding selections on our “All Our Seasons” page.

We’ve been waiting (very impatiently) for summertime and peach season to come, but it’s finally here. See you at the truck!