A Warm Welcome to Willow Fruit Customers!

We know that for everyone who has purchased peaches and pecans from Willow Fruit will miss Willow greatly. For us at Tree-Ripe, we’ll miss having the Velier family as a part of our industry. This summer, we’re making an effort to still visit as many Willow Fruit locations as possible. For customers whose location we will not visit this summer, we want to extend a discounted price to have peaches delivered to your home. Use the discount code “WILLOW” at checkout for a 20% off your order!

The locations we’ll be visiting are listed below!

Tree-Ripe Citrus Co. has been bringing the finest Georgia peaches and pecans, Michigan blueberries, and Florida citrus to Wisconsin and the upper Midwest for almost 30 years, and at over 170 locations. Our visits are handled in the same manner as Willow Fruit, and we bring the same award winning Pearson Farm peaches, so you won’t notice any difference (other than missing Ken!). Our sales trucks visit locations for typically 1-1/2 hours per visit, according to our schedule, and at local businesses who allow us to use their parking area for delivery. Simply visit one of our locations (listed below), and purchase whatever you'd like directly from our refrigerated trucks!

Want to find out more about our visits with fresh produce, direct from the farm? Check out our frequently asked questions!

Use the discount code WILLOW at checkout for a 20% discount
All our hard work is for our loyal customers or visit us at almost 200 locations!

All our hard work is for our loyal customers or visit us at almost 200 locations!

Tree-Ripe Citrus Co. is also going through some changes. From citrus to all fruit, see how our company is providing the best fruit from the best farm, from all over the country, to your door-step. Find out more by looking at all our products!

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