Florida Satsuma Mandarins


*Satsuma mandarins are now sold out for the season!*

A sweet and tangy variety, yet relatively low in acid for a citrus. This makes them a perfect healthy fruit snack for kids and adults.

Boxes are oversized to prevent damage to fruit. Freezing temperatures at time of delivery may delay shipment. Shipping and handling is included for orders in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. All other orders may require a shipping and handling charge.

Please note, we are unable to ship produce to Alaska, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. We cannot ship to PO boxes.



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We’ve been working with citrus for three decades, and in our opinion, this is a perfect citrus variety. It’s sweet. It’s zesty. And it’s seedless! These seedless fruits beat the competition in juiciness and balanced flavor. Another wonderful quality of the satsuma mandarin is how easy to peel they are. They feel puffy to the touch as the peel is almost separated from the mature fruit. They’re actually fun to peel!


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