Florida Shiranui Mandarins


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Pre-order now for an expected delivery the week of January 17th! Look out for the Satsuma’s big brother, the Shiranui! A Shiranui is a seedless variety of a mandarin, bursting with flavor. They are a very large fruit with a bump at the top similar to a Honeybell…they’re big and ugly ๐Ÿ˜Š But on the inside, they’re quite unlike any other variety. Super intense flavor and very juicy, yet they have a smooth sweet finish. They’re like a sweet tart in citrus form!

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Pre-order now for an expected delivery the week of January 17th!

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We offer our Shiranui mandarins in 1/4 bushel boxes, with approximately 11-12 mandarins per box. Weights listed are approximate. Harvested by small-batch growers in Monticello, Florida.


Pre-order now for an expected delivery the week of January 17th!ย Freezing temperatures at time of delivery may delay shipment. Shipping and handling is included for orders in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. All other orders may require a shipping and handling charge. Please note, we are unable to ship produce to Alaska, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. We cannot ship to PO boxes.

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Weight 10 lbs
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  • I buy enough bags to have them in the freezer all year! So much tastier than anything from the grocery store.

    - Molly G.
  • Looking forward to the season of peaches. Too bad they arenโ€™t available all year long.

    - Diane R.
  • Best peaches that I have ever had!! Can't wait for this year's crop!

    - Jennifer N.
  • Best peaches we've ever had. Bought them twice last summer.

    - Tracy K.
  • My dad started our yearly tradition of picking up peaches from you probably 25 years ago. The lines have gotten longer over the years but it is worth it. Thank you for providing the mid-west with the very best fruit, especially the peaches!๐Ÿ˜

    - Kristin M

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